Sky's baby shower outfit is a little questionable...

Sky's baby shower outfit is a little questionable...

Are sports shorts and flops a good idea?

Sky baby shower?

Ok, so we were so elated when Sky announced the most exciting news of his and Clarise's pregnancy. The little baby will be DKS's newest and youngest member on arrival in February 2022. 

Sky has let us in on their journey with updates from obstetrician visits. 

And it looks like the time for the baby shower is drawing nearer and nearer. 

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Keri Miller and Clarise went shopping for dresses that they might be wearing on the day. 

Have  a look: 

Keri's out fit for Sky baby shower

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We cannot show you how the mom-to-be will be dressed yet, you're going to have to stick around for that! 

But Sky? 

We truly cannot have him looking like he is going to a sports event or to chill with the guys on a normal weekend...

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