WATCH: School fight has caused Durban school to suspend it's classes!

WATCH: Effingham Secondary School suspends classes after serious fight

A school fight that became a lot bigger than the school thought!

Viral moment happening as Durban School gets it's classes suspended due to school fight


A school fight broke out in Durban that resulted in the school suspending its classes. The incident took place on Thursday. 

The incident took place at Effingham Secondary School in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal.   

What began as a small dispute between two schoolgirls, soon became bigger as private security officers and police faced off with dozens of pupils.

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Kwa-Zulu Natal Education's Head of Department Nathi Ngcobo's intern who was trying to piece together how the fight happened. 

Website of Effingham Secondary School currently
Website/Effingham Secondary School

This is a developing story and more information on what transpired will be shared at a later stage.

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