WATCH: Python wraps itself around woman's leg

WATCH: Python wraps itself around woman's leg

In an attempt to rescue the snake, the woman ended up needing assistance as the snake got aggressive. 

Python coiled around women's leg

An emergency call had to be made from a property in Australia when a woman who tried to rescue a snake from under her car ended up needing help.

It is reported that the woman was working in her garage when she spotted a carpet python stuck under a car. Upon rescuing the snake, it turned on her and coiled tightly around her leg.

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A video shows the woman holding the snake’s head as an officer removes it. She then walks across her driveway and releases the snake back in the grass.

Watch below:

Carpet pythons are said to be very common in Australia and although not venomous, their bites are very painful.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot/Facebook

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