"Come on, dude. I don’t feel like dying today" - hiker to charging cougar

"Come on, dude. I don’t feel like dying today" - hiker to charging cougar

The hiker could see his life flash before his eyes.

Cougar chases hiker

A man who was hiking on a trail in Utah got the shock of his life when he looked behind him and saw a cougar headed straight in his direction.

The hiker, identified as Kyle Burgess, says he was walking when he found what he thought were Bobcats, but soon discovered that they were cougar cubs and their mother was not happy to see him.

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"She follows me for over six minutes acting very aggressive while I walk backwards up the trail. Very scary cougar encounter,” he wrote when he shared the video.

Footage shows the mother cougar charging towards him while he fearfully shouts at her, trying to get her to leave him alone. She eventually turns back when he picks up a stone to throw at her.

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“Go away! I’m big and scary! Come on, dude. I don’t feel like dying today,” he is heard saying at one point in the six-minute long clip which contains vulgar words.

Watch the two-minute long video that does not contain expletives below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot from Instagram

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