WATCH: Popular actor sells SA to fossil fuel companies

WATCH: Popular actor sells SA to fossil fuel companies

Siv Ngesi is going viral on the news once again!

Siv Ngesi
Politically Aweh Youtube

Multi-award-winning actor Siv Ngesi is trying to 'sell' our country in the satirical show, Politically Aweh. 

In the video, he calls out the huge fossil fuel companies to come to South Africa and take our resources - oil, gas and coal. 

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He opens the show up sharing "an exciting investment opportunity" with viewers. 

"Come and dig up oil, gas and coal in South Africa… and hurry while stocks last – there isn’t much of the country we haven’t sold off yet!" he continues. 

The Politically Aweh team collaborated with and the Climate Justice Coalition on this project as a part of their campaign to #UprootTheDMRE, starting on 22 September.

Watch the hilarious advertisement here: 

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This is their take on The Department of Mineral Resources under Minister Gwede Mantashe's leadership. They believe it is a major block to South Africa moving forward towards a just and sustainable energy and mining future, which is why the target of the campaign. Activists hope to pile enough pressure on President Cyril Ramaphosa to ask Mantashe to step aside.

Well, this is one way to get people to protest and truly voice what it would look like if we had better leadership in that department. 

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Politically Aweh is a youth-focused South African news and politics YouTube channel. With their projects, they managed to seal first place in the 2020 edition of the Inside The Greenhouse Climate & Comedy video competition organised by the University of Colorado Boulder in the US. 

A lot of the content on their channel speaks to things that could be done better in the country. 

If you are looking to get a great view of what the country looks like, not from a political party or from the media, then go enjoy a laugh by Politically Aweh and hopefully become 'politically aware'! 

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Main Image Courtesy: Politically Aweh YouTube

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