WATCH: Nasty C and Snoop Dogg bond over Nelson Mandela

WATCH: Nasty C and Snoop Dogg bond over Nelson Mandela

The rappers celebrated the great Nelson Mandela as Nasty C continues to rise in popularity around the world.

Nasty C
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It’s undeniable that Nasty C is fast becoming one of the biggest rappers to come out of Africa. As he continues his rise on the global stage through his new recording deal with Def Jam Africa Recordings, the rapper posted a video of himself chatting to Snoop Dogg about Nelson Mandela – and fans can’t get enough of the sweet moment.

As he continues to promote his new album, ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’, and the project’s latest single, ‘Black And White’ with Ani Lennox, Nasty C joined Snoop Dogg on DJ Whoo Kid’s podcast and the KZN rapper shared some highlights of the chat on his Instagram page.

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In the clip, Nasty C asked the ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ rapper if he had ever been to South Africa and got a chance to meet any of the country’s greats, like Nelson Mandela.

“Of course I have been to South Africa,” Snoop says, adding that there was an opportunity for him to meet the freedom fighter at an event in London. “When I was going to meet him they took me to jail. I got stopped in London. They sabotaged me from going there and they put me in jail for a few days and locked my crew up. I had to reschedule. They didn’t want two kings to meet.”

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Snoop adds that he is inspired by Madiba’s journey, adding that “our two souls are connected so I am doing the work that he would be doing at this age. I look at it like that. When certain people are put on this Earth, they got to pass the baton to the next man to run with. The ones before us, they did their job and they did as much as they could and now it’s our job to go as far as we can so that we can pass it off to [the younger generation].”

Image courtesy: Instagram

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