Woman ‘mortified’ after fake tan leaves hotel room looking like a crime scene

Woman ‘mortified’ after fake tan leaves hotel room looking like a crime scene

A woman has turned to TikTok for advice after the white sheets in her hotel room were left stained by her fake tan.

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Using fake tan should come with a disclaimer. While the end result is amazing, the experience itself needs to be handled with precision or it could leave you with an embarrassing story to tell.

This is exactly what happened to a woman named Gemma, who posts under @gemmaramlal on TikTok. In an hilarious clip, she turned to viewers on the app to share some advice after applying some fake tan at a hotel she was staying at.

In an hilarious blunder, the fake tan left the hotel’s white bed sheets stained, looking like what she described as a ‘crime scene’.

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"When you fake tan at a hotel and it looks like a crime scene... what do I do?" Gemma captioned the video.


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Some viewers were just as mortified as Gemma was, with one saying: "Pay for the sheets ha." Another reminisced on a similar experience of their own, saying: "Once I was in a hotel in Greece and I dyed my hair red, and after that I washed my hair again and the whole towel was red."

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However, a few people who claimed to work for a hotel tried to ease her mind, saying that this isn’t nearly as bad as some other things they have experienced. "I work at Premier Inn and honestly I've seen a lot worse, don't worry about it. Just let a staff member know it is fake tan and not blood," one user commented.

In a follow-up comment, Gemma admits that she eventually came clean to housekeeping. "I confessed to housekeeping and they were lovely about it. Can have my bronzed days guilt-free now."

Were you ever left explaining an awkward situation to housekeeping while staying at a hotel? Let Darren, Keri, and Sky know in the comments section below.

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