Darren Maule schools Karen from Facebook

Darren Maule schools Karen from Facebook

Karen from Facebook has been disobedient once again and even though she thought she would call Darren out for the contents of her previous interview with him, Mr Maule was not having it.

Karen from facebook

Following the release of a viral video from Umdloti beach, where Durban citizens were seen fleeing from police, the Breakfast team found out that the infamous Karen was also breaking lockdown rules at the beach.

So, Darren got on his phone to call Karen out for her actions. If there's one thing we all know about the "I want to speak to the manager'" lady, she is anti-lockdown and just wants to live her life, partying up a storm with her friends.

Well, this time, Darren was not having any of her rants. He decided that he would school her on the coronavirus and the detrimental effects a lack of social distancing and not following the regulations has had on South Africa.

Listen to the full podcast here:

We hope the message was loud and clear for every Karen out there.

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