WATCH: He popped the question and an emotional Keri Miller said "Yes!"

WATCH: He popped the question and an emotional Keri Miller said "Yes!"

We saw it coming, but she didn't...

Keri Miller godmother

On Friday afternoon, Keri Miller was invited around to her best friend.

She was not ready for the monumental question that was to be asked by a little baby boy. 

Have a look here: 

Will u b my?

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This was obviously an emotional and humbling moment for Keri Miller as a friend of Sky and Clarise. 

The role played by a godmother is so important, it's so special in terms of the responsibilities that come with it. 

You are the baby's biggest cheerleader, their confidante when they won't speak to their parents, and the one who lets them get away with living a little. 

These all align with Keri Miller. This is how she responded: 

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Have a look at some of the special moments from Friday! 

Keri Millz and Skizzle
Baby Kai and Keri

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Congratulations to Baby Kai and Godmother Keri Miller! 

To more soccer matches with Keri in the front row.

If he's a performer, to more front row shows at the theatre! 

More than anything, to more love!

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