WATCH: The first of its kind - an avatar singing competition called 'Alter Ego'

WATCH: The first of its kind - an avatar singing competition called 'Alter Ego'

Real human contestants are turned into digital avatars for their performances. 

Alter Ego
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Are you excited by things like 3D animation, robots or avatars as seen in the popular film, 'Avatar'? Then this definitely is your cup of coffee. The singing competition, which premieres next week on 22 September, takes the idea of what we have known and enjoyed on 'Idols' or 'The Voice' to another level. 

The singers are put in motion-picture capture suits and given the ability to appear on stage as an avatar. 

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So, the contestants are human like you and I, flesh-and-bone, but the judges and audience are presented with a digital scene where an avatar is performing.

Alter Ego allows a team of 3D artists to create unique-looking singers for each presentation, while also adding special lighting effects that would not be possible on an actual stage. You are likely to find such lighting in a Marvel movie, for example. 

This sounds a little complicated, right? But there are so many reasons we should be excited about it. 

At the top of that list is the fact that contestants are no longer restrained by the physical limitations of the real world. 

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On the judging panel we have the iconic singer/songwriter and seven-time Grammy winner Alanis Morissette; singer and television personality Nick Lachey; acclaimed producer, songwriter, singer, and visual artist Grimes; and Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and actor 

The Emmy Award-winning personality Rocsi Diaz will host the music competition. 

This is truly a highlight for music competitions and shows.

Check out Alter Ego's look trailer below.

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