Watch: Doctors' 'hand-washing' dance goes viral!

Watch: Doctors' 'hand-washing' dance goes viral!

This groovy video of doctors dancing has a very important message attached.

washing hands dance
Image: Facebook / DrKnowledge

It's not every day you see doctors breaking it down in scrubs, masks, and sunglasses, but not only do these doctors look super cool, they have an important message to share with the world. 

A video of doctors from Indonesia has gone viral for all the right reasons. Dressed in green scrubs, the doctors are demonstrating how to wash your hands properly, something that seems like an advisory for a younger audience. 

The video was shared on Facebook by popular group 'Dr Knowledge', and has been winning hearts due to its unusual but crucial content.

Want to teach your child the right way to wash off germs? 

Show them this video, they'll love it! 

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