Witch doctor orders crocodile to return man to shore

Witch doctor orders crocodile to return man to shore

A body has been returned to shore without any bites or scratches after being snatched by a crocodile. What?!

crocodile returns body

Not everyone is fortunate enough to bath or shower in the comfort of their own home.

A group of men were bathing in a river in Indonesia when a saltwater crocodile appeared out of nowhere and snatched one of the men. It disappeared with him underwater.   

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According to the Daily Mail, this incident took place at Lempake River and the man snatched by the reptile was identified as Syarifuddin. A search party went out to find Syarifuddin, but he was nowhere to be found.   

After the search party's failed attempts at finding Syarifuddin, a local witch doctor who specialises in crocodile witch craft was brought in to assist. 

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The doctor worked his magic and the crocodile returned Syarifuddin's body without a single scratch. Pity the doctor couldn't bring him back to life...   

Warning: This video is not for sensitive viewers.        

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