VOTE: Who has the best Big Fry Boerewors infomercial?

VOTE: Who has the best Big Fry Boerewors infomercial?

Darren and Sky face-off to see who can create the best infomercial - and they need your vote!

Darren and Sky
Darren Maule

Last week, our producer presented Darren and Sky with a challenge that required them to make the best 80’s infomercial to promote Fry’s 100% plant-based Boerewors. 

Following the #CakeGate scandal, and because she had already been sentenced, Keri was immediately disqualified from participating in this challenge.

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Initially, Darren and Sky were given an infinite budget, which later shrunk to no budget at all.

Although the infomercial was supposed to be 30 seconds long, and in 80’s style, the contestants kind of got caught up in the moment and just did whatever they liked - with Darren wearing shades and speaking in an Afrikaans accent, for some reason.

Watch the two infomercials below and cast your vote in the poll provided.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Darren Maule

Catch up with moments from the latest edition of Darren, Keri, and Sky below:

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