Vote in style: Five hacks to glam up your thumb for social media!

Vote in style: Five hacks to glam up your thumb for social media!

Give your thumb a makeover with these top tips...

Nicola's voted thumb with likes
Nicola's voted thumb with likes/ supplied

Hey, Bestie! Voting day is just around the corner and that means it's time to make our mark and use our voice on election day. While there is a sense of excitement in the air for most, one of our East Coast Radio listeners is dreading sharing a picture of their thumb. 

Unfortunately, thumbs are not the most appealing according to some East Coasters and our social media feeds will be filled with pictures of "ugly" thumbs all day tomorrow. 

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Say goodbye to thumb insecurities. The East Coast Breakfast team have come up with the ultimate suggestions for you to snag an Insta-worthy snap of your finger.


Here are some tips to get your thumb looking picture perfect...

  1. Nail Bed TLC: Sort out your cuticles and tidy up your nail bed. A neat appearance sets the stage for a polished thumb selfie.

  2. Gentlemen, Groom Those Nails: For the gents out there, trim and clean your nails. A well-groomed look not only enhances your thumb's appearance but also reflects your attention to detail.

  3. Moisturise for a Smooth Finish: Remember to moisturise your thumb. Dry skin is a no-go for a picture-perfect voting selfie. A hydrated thumb ensures a flawless and camera-ready look.

  4. Thumb Decoration: Don't shy away from adding a touch of creativity to your thumb after voting. Whether it's a little sticker or a temporary tattoo, decorating your thumb can add flair to your voting experience and your social media post.

  5. Seek Assistance if Needed: If you're feeling unsure about your thumb's appearance, don't hesitate to ask someone in the queue for their opinion. Remember, everyone's thumb is unique, and embracing its uniqueness is part of the voting process...

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See you on social media thumb
See you on social media thumb/ canva

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So there you have it, folks, now you know how to master the art of thumb posing for voting pics. 

Thanks to Carmen Reddy and the team for Thumb Confidence 10! Stay tuned for more as we bring you the latest on the elections. 


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