Nickolaus Bauer: Who to vote for in 2024?

Nickolaus Bauer: Who to vote for in 2024?

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Award-winning South African journalist, Nickolaus Bauer, joins us in studio to discuss his latest book just in time for election season.

According to the author, this is “South Africa’s most important election since 1994 may deliver the first coalition government in a democratic South Africa. However, as political parties vie for the votes of South Africans: How do citizens make the choice of where to put their mark?”

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The livelihood of every single South African is affected by the choices made by political parties. We each have a voice that people fought hard for us to have, so let’s use it to make a difference in our society with our vote. 

The key takeaway is to stay informed. 

For more resources to make an informed decision with Nicklaus’ help, see here:

To download a PDF version of this book, click here

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