VOTE: The great cheesy hot chocolate debate

VOTE: The great cheesy hot chocolate debate

Hot chocolate innovation or a culinary crime?

Cheesy hot chocolate
Cheesy hot chocolate/ AI generated canva

A warm cup of goodness made even more decadent with a cutting-edge additive of… cheese?! 

Yes, you heard that right. The internet has gone into a frenzy since a viral video capturing this concoction was shared. 

A new cheese craze is making the rounds on social media but according to this vlogger, it is habitual for Colombians to do so. "This is why Colombians often put cheese in their hot chocolate," she says. Allegedly, the cheese enhances the chocolate flavour. 

Take a look at this video that has sparked debate:

@colombia_expats Would you try hot chocolate with cheese? 🧀 ☕️ In Colombia, this is a very common thing to drink, so today we try it for the first time at the famous Panchocha El Aunténtico: San Félix. What do you think? #colombia #comidacolombiana #colombianfood #traditionalfood #travelcolombia ♬ original sound - Nick, Sam, & Goose Simpson

This unique delicacy has left the internet divided. Here are some of the diverse reactions to cheesy hot chocolate:

  • "Probably taste great but psychologically no."
  • "I'm Colombian and I'm not pleased with this, it's not the correct cheese."
  • "It's by far the best way to drink chocolate."
  • "As a Colombian, I can confirm that cheese in chocolate is so good."
  • "White cheese in coffee is literally the best! (Brazilian thing)"
  • "Asian coffee shops put salty cream on their coffee and I love it. I never seen this but it might actually taste good too."
  • "Took me a while to come round to the idea... But it's amazing, isn't it?"

According to the reactions, it is definitely worth giving it a go. 

It is a longstanding tradition for Colombians to combine cheese and chocolate in their beloved warm beverage known as chocolate santafereno or chocolate completo. 

According to Foreign Fork, in order to successfully give it a go, you should use Mozzarella cheese to bring out the best of your hot drink. 


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