Voting day starter pack: 5 things you should have today

Voting day starter pack: 5 things you should have today

Top five items to bring when you cast your vote in South Africa today

Voting starter pack
Voting starter pack / canva

Today is V-day (Voting Day) and we could not be happier to be with you on your airwaves. For some it may be a long day of standing in queues and eagerly waiting to cast your vote. In order to be comfortable, eligible to vote and tip-top shape to do so, there are some measures that can be taken. 

The East Coast Breakfast team have come up with the ultimate starter pack as you make your mark today in KZN. 

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Here are some essential items to bring with you as you cast your vote:


  • Identification! Check, check again and don't stop checking 

Bring along a valid form of identification. This could be a Smartcard ID, your green bar-coded ID book, a valid or temporary ID certificate. 

  • Wear comfortable shoes

Choose shoes that feel like a cozy hug for your feet. With all the standing some support will go a long way. You'll thank us later.

  • Have some brekkie or bring snacks

As you listen to East Coast Breakfast on air this morning, it is essential to have a nutritious breakfast before heading to the polling station. If you anticipate long queues, consider bringing along some light, portable snacks like granola bars, biltong, or nuts. 

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  • Bring a chair...rather safe than sorry 

Seasoned voter, Carmen Reddy recommends bringing a chair with if you anticipate long queues. Trust our queen , she knows what she's talking about. 

  • Bring entertainment 

Waiting in line can feel a little tedious, having something to keep yourself entertained can help pass the time. Tune in to East Coast Radio, bring along a book, crossword puzzle, download some podcasts or music to listen to while you wait. It helps! 


  1. Listen to East Coast Radio on the FM (frequency modulation) spectrum between 94 and 95 FM on your radio.
  2. Listen live to ECR by clicking here or download the ECR App (iOS/Android).
  3. Listen to East Coast Radio on the DStv audio bouquet, channel 836. 
  4. Switch to the audio bouquet on your Openview decoder and browse to channel 606
  5. Listen to us on Amazon Alexa

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So there you have it, folks, now you know what you bring with as you make your mark. We have a voice, let's use it. 

 Stay tuned for more as we bring you the latest on the elections. 

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