Shocking: Bear ruins kid's birthday party

Shocking: Bear ruins kid's birthday party

This hungry bear clearly did not get a slice of cake...

Bear and duck
Bear and duck/ TikTok

This article may be triggering or offensive to sensitive readers.

A child’s birthday party can be such a joyous occasion with so many moments to remember. Unfortunately, this video has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. 

A big brown bear devoured ducklings during a child’s birthday bash at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington. 

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Juniper is the name of this sneaky bear who picked off the ducklings one by one. 

Check out this viral video that left Carmen and the East Coast Breakfast team speechless:

@dailymail A brown bear devours several ducklings during a child’s birthday party at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington. The video shows Juniper the bear stalking the mother and ducklings before picking off the duckings one by one. #bear #animal #birthday #kids #zoo #nature ♬ original sound - Daily Mail

This sight of "nature doing its thing" is something that should not have been witnessed by these youngsters. However, it is a risk one takes when having a birthday party at a zoo.

Here’s what the internet had to say about this viral incident: 

  • “Children’s birthday party interrupts bears dinner”
  • “Why did the parents let the kids watch?”
  • “Hahahaha the trauma”
  • “It’s the circle of life”
  • “Why would they put ducks together with bears??”

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