Turning heads and nails: The upside-down nail trend taking social media by storm!

Turning heads and nails: The upside-down nail trend taking social media by storm!

Nails but turn them upside down. 


Nail-lovers, have you ever struggled with typing, putting an earring on or wiping the dark side of the moon? 

TikTok had a cutting-edge solution for you. These nails that are glued on the wrong way round are going viral due to its savy solution. 

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The question is, does it create or limit more problems. Check out this viral trend here: 

@zak.nimmo4 #nail #nailart #pfy #foryourpage #nails #beginernailtech ♬ original sound - Zak Nimmo

Zak Nimmo is the user behind this one-of-a-kind post. The video is prefaced with "When you have to get your nails upside down because it's too hard to type on the computer when the nails are in the way." 

Many users have jumped on board with their strong opinions on the matter:

  • "This is worse than duck or bubble nails"
  • "Is everything okay at home?"
  • "You can just get shorter ones..."
  • "Grinch nails"
  • "The way no one knows this is satire"

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