Tugela Ferry Shoprite get the #DKSApproved stamp

Tugela Ferry Shoprite get the #DKSApproved stamp

The #DKSApproved stamp of approval that Darren, Keri and Sky use to applauds great moments, items and people. 

Tugela Ferry Shoprite get the #DKSApproved stamp

This week has been nothing short of frustating and stressful for everyone in South Africa, especially the province of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Fortunately, we live in a country where community is our best trait and we surprise ourselves and the possibilities this trait has made us be. 

One of these moments we celebrate South Africans, is when the employees of Tugela Ferry's Shoprite came up with an innovative way to block looters from entering the store. Keri had to give them the #DKSApproved stamp for successfully blocking the looters with this incredible strategy. 

If you have not seen the video, here it is: 

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It is heartwarming and simultaneously hilarious! We love that about us, we can still laugh after difficult situations. So to this Shoprite store and its employees, here's your #DKSApproved stamp. 

Sky gave his #DKSApproved stamp of approval to taxi organisation to SANTACO KwaZulu-Natal for the amazing work that they have done and continue to do in the community. The have cleaned up the streets of  some of the messiest looting scene and venues. They also have a programme and initiative with Airlink donating food parcels in Pietermaritzburg on Sunday July 18, 2021. Their initiative include several other stakeholders including Supa Mama, that makes refuse bags available. 

The comraderie of our country has touched so many people's hearts, and our Sky is one of those people. SANTACO KZN, you have and will forever be #DKSApproved. 

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Darren Maule had a little situation like most of us here in KZN: bread. Luckily, Anna knows someone who with extremely helpful knowledge about making bread from scratch, Ilan.

It is his recipe that Darren gives the #DKSApproved stamp. It made baking bread at Darren's local bakery possible and they were able to donate it to those who were in need: 

So you can see how heartwarming it is to be in this province with people who are creative, helpful, pro-active, friendly, intelligent and most of all, kind. 

We have a chat more about all of these #DKSApproved companies and organisation here: 


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