Carol Blanche officially gets the #DKSApproved stamp

Carol Blanche officially gets the #DKSApproved stamp

As she was about to have an interview of her own on Carol Blanche, Carol Blanche also unfortunately experienced the similar iPad situation as President Ramaphosa

Carol Blanche
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What happens when one wonderful woman happens to have a groundbreaking show investigating the necessary stories in our country - Carol Blanche - experience something so terrible? Can the person who took her iPad kindly and respectfully return it, please. 

As she has done an interview looking into the suspicious story of the Thembisa 10, Keri found it exceptionally impressive how poised she is regardless of 'Piet' deviating from what really matters. It is the admiration of quality journalism that Keri enjoys about the leading lady of Caro Blanche.

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So, to all aspiring investigative journalists, visit Carol Blanche to for all the answers! She has been officially #DKSApproved.

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Germ Free 24 is one the best sanitizers Darren has ever used as it has one of the best things every one wants from a sanitizers -24 hour protection! 

This is all from one spray to the hands! It is completely water based so you are not left with any slimy weird feeling that everyone hates. Even after you have your hands washed, you are are protected! 

Who would not like that? No actually, who would not give this sanitizer the #DKSApproved stamp of approval? 

Germ Free 24 has officially received the D from #DKS Approved! 

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Do you know Makazole Mapimpi? He's a South African rugby player who scored one the goals that got us the Rugby World Cup.

Makazole Drex Mapimpi also plays for the Sharks. He usually plays as a winger. He was part of the winning Springboks of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan and scored a try against England in the final.

He will be having a documentary premiered soon depicting his jounrey from rural Eastern Cape to the global scale he has reached in ruby. Our sports presenter who is also a rugby player gives this fellow rugby player the #DKS Approved Stamp of approval for this heartwarming documentary. 


Main Image Courtesy: Carol Ofori

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