Toddler translation: What is Sky’s son saying?

Toddler translation: What is Sky’s son saying?

It’s time for radio gaga!

Sky and his kid
Sky and his kid/ supplied

Have you ever wondered what little ones are saying? While they remain in their own world with their own language one can’t help but try decided what they could possibly be saying. 

New dad, Sky Tshabalala, is currently having this dilemma with his youngsters Kai and Brody. 

Sky Tshabalala reached out to KZN for assistance with trying to understand what his little ones are saying. Take a listen here: 

Here’s some help on what to do when you can’t understand your toddler:

  • Put yourself in their little shoes 

Imagine trying to talk to someone twice your height, it can be tough! Taking a look at their body language, sounds and attention can help with cracking the code. 

  • Give it your best guess 

A little detective work ain’t hurt nobody and if you’re like Sky, asking for help might be useful. 

  • Ask again 

Acknowledge their attempts to share something with you and be polite in asking them to explain again.

Asking them to show you could also be off assistance. 

  • Positive reassurance 

Speaking up can be very scary. Having an adult acknowledge and urge you to get your point across will lead to a healthy relationship and in turn, cause them to speak up more.


If you're worried about your child's speech development, we suggest consulting a speech-language pathologist for an evaluation.

Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest at East Coast Radio.

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