These three-year-olds have melted hearts around the world

These three-year-olds have melted hearts around the world

Nanny cam footage posted online showing two little toddlers speaking about quarantine and making all 'the germs' go away has created such warmth in the world right now.

little boys in quarantine
Screenshot: Instagram: E!News

The nanny cam video that was posted on TikTok shows the adorable little brothers sitting on their bedroom floor talking to each other.

One starts off by saying, "We're in quarantine," and the other little boy repeats it and then says, "yes". They continue talking about being in quarantine. The little boys then repeatedly say, "germs go away".

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And at that moment our hearts completely melted.

The boys debate what season it is and then engage in a pillow fight, reciting "germs go away" whilst they play. One of the boys gets knocked to the floor whilst playing and then says, "I knocked you with my germs pillow."

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