Hilarious! Kid covers herself in butter

Hilarious! Kid covers herself in butter

What are kids going to do with all this extra time at home? Cover themselves in butter, perhaps?

baby puts butter on herself
Screenshot: Facebook: Griffiths Emmanuel Lekhuleni

Reaching over a million views and thousands of shares, this video has brought great joy to the social media space.

In the video, a little kid is seen sitting on her play mat and watching television. She has a container of butter in front of her. We assume the kid thinks it is moisturising lotion as she takes scoops of butter and smears it all over her head. 

The little girl thinks nothing of it when someone starts to record her. She continues to be engrossed in what is happening on the television and emptying the container of butter on her head.

If you in need of a good laugh, watch this:

With schools closed until 14 April, it is going to be tough for parents to keep them entertained.

Not to worry, though, as Darren has created 'The Bored Jar' to help the entire family enjoy endless hours of fun whilst in isolation.

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