Elvis estate blocks Vegas wedding venues from using an Elvis lookalike

Elvis estate blocks Vegas wedding venues from using an Elvis lookalike

Elvis has left the wedding buildings of Vegas...

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Wedding chapels in Vegas are now blocked from using Elvis Presley likenesses in wedding ceremonies. This was brought forward by the estate that handles Elvis-related merchandise. As a result of this, the Las Vegas tourist industry is taking a pretty huge hit. 

Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the company that oversees all Elvis-related merchandise, sent cease-and-desist letters to multiple Vegas chapels back in May. 

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They argued that the unauthorised use of Presley’s name, likeness, voice image, and other elements constitute trademark infringement. 


The Las Vegas wedding industry generates $2-billion a year and an Elvis-themed wedding is extremely popular. Naturally, these cease-and-desist orders have worried many of Vegas’ wedding chapels. 

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There is a concern that the orders would negatively affect employees’ livelihoods. Mark Tratos, an attorney who helped write ABG’s cease-and-desist letters, highlighted that Elvis-themed stage shows should not be affected by the order. 

This is because impersonations within live shows are protected under Vegas' “right of publicity” statute.

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