Fascinating facts about Elvis Presley

Fascinating facts about Elvis Presley

The ‘King of Rock and Roll’ was born on January 8, 1935. Celebrate his birthday by listening to East Coast Gold on Friday when we'll be playing some of his biggest hits and documenting his extraordinary journey.

Remembering Elvis Presley

American singer and actor Elvis Presley changed the music game in the 1950s and became a pioneer for Rock ‘n Roll. 

He won countless awards including three Grammys, four NMEs, and, in 2018, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Listen through the day this Friday as we honour The King and his blue suede shoes – including between 9 and 10 am when Gordon Graham has an Elvis Special that’s not-to-be-missed.

In honour of his birthday, we also look at fascinating facts about the star.

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- Elvis Presley served as a soldier in the United States Army between March 1958 and March 1960.

- He was discovered by producer Sam Phillips at Sun Records after he sent in his audition tape.

- He was very versatile. He sang blues and country songs, gospel hymns and Rock n’ Roll. 

- Elvis Presley dominated the best-seller charts from 1956 until 1958. 

- He was not afraid to mingle with Black people and this resulted in some of his white fans denouncing him. 

- In 1967, Elvis married Priscilla Ann Presley and the two divorced in 1973.

- Elvis and Priscilla’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, was born on 1 February 1968. 

- Presley died on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42 after suffering a heart attack that was caused by an overdose of prescription drugs.

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