We compared this Swiss school to our top South African schools and it was eye-opening!

We compared this Swiss school to our top South African schools and it was eye-opening!

We compared some of our top KZN schools to the Swiss School!

The most expensive high school in the land is in Switzerland
Instagram/Institut Le Rosey

Institut Le Rosey is an educational institution in Switzerland that is regarded as 'the school of kings'.

 It is one of the most expensive schools in the entire world however, the most the eye-catching thing about it is the amenities. It is reported that this school owns its own yacht...must be nice. 

Known as one of the oldest and most revered Swiss boarding schools,  Institut Le Rosey is home to alumni's such as the Hohenzollern family, the Cavendish family, the Rothschilds, Koskulls, and Rockefellers. 

This is only a snippet of some of the famous families that have entered through the gates of this prestigious school.

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Institut Le Rosey students trying to study through
Facebook/Institut Le Rosey

400 students from across 65 nations are fortunate enough to attend this pricey school. 

These students are equally divided between boys and girls and are aged 7 to 18. The four age categories include: juniors, cadets, young seniors and seniors.

At this school, the fees cost approximately R2 051 744,64 ($132 000) a year. Meanwhile in South Africa, the most expensive private school is Hilton College, which is set at just R330 000 according to their financial structure from 2021. 

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Hilton College

At Le Rosey the language of instruction is reported to be bilingual. 

To further your understanding, this school also offers "luxury" extra curricular activities such as skiing and yachting. This is in contrast to its stellar curriculum that gets 30% of its students into universities ranked in the top 25 globally.

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