Sssurprise! Large python falls from ceiling onto bed

Sssurprise! Large python falls from ceiling onto bed

That's exactly what happened to a family in Queensland, Australia. After a tiring day, they came home to find a large python relaxing on their bed.

snake on bed
Screenshot: Facebook

It's quite adorable when a furry pet makes itself comfy in your home - but not when a python does it!

According to India Today, a post by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 on Facebook reports that the team were called out to a home in Glasshouse Mountains, Australia. Upon arrival, they found a python comfortably chilling on the bed. 

It seems like the snake was resting on the light fitting, but it couldn't handle the snake's weight, resulting in the light breaking and the snake landing on the bed. 

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"Luckily there was nobody sleeping in the bed at the time haha. The snake looked pretty comfy on the bed when we arrived," the post read.

The post shows various pictures of the snake looking super chilled. Perhaps it was nap time? 

See it below: 

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