Jethro Tait and Craig Lucas release new single called 'Weirdo'

Jethro Tait and Craig Lucas release new single called 'Weirdo'

Kickstart your weekend with this new pop single, 'Weirdo'. Listen to the new single on East Coast Radio on Friday, 5 March.

Jethro Tait
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Pop singer/songwriter Jethro Tait is back on the airwaves again.

After a slew of successful radio singles and the hit-after-hit EP, ‘I Don’t Sleep’, the widely-streamed Jozi-based artist returns with a fresh collaborative take on his track 'Weirdo', alongside winner of 'The Voice' 2017, Craig Lucas.

A relatable, slightly melancholic take on introversion as a character trait, the singer bares his soul lyrically and pulls listeners into his personal narrative in this playful pop track. Bringing in long-time musical peer Lucas to add lyrics, vocals, and a pinch of soul, the track gives fans a fresh take on an original number that has already seduced his global fans.

The track is one that Jethro personally is very attached to. Always having felt like somewhat of a ‘weirdo’ his whole life, the song speaks of his inability to blend into the social world one would expect from him.

“Small talk has always escaped me”, he states, and it seems his fans can relate to being part of #TeamIntrovert.

Bringing Lucas into his musical space was somewhat of a natural transition from collaborative song-writing after his win on 'The Voice'. The two artists have previously felt a good song-writing connection and Lucas felt like a natural choice to bring into the track.

The result is a beautiful blend of two remarkable young voices adding their own distinct flair on an already superior pop song that Jethro admits not only helped him accept his ‘weirdness’, but also made him aware of how much people’s negative opinions can affect us.

'Weirdo', featuring Craig Lucas, adds to a long list of brilliant pop songs from this rising star:

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