Silent restaurant making waves in Japan, coming to SA soon?

Silent restaurant making waves in Japan, coming to SA soon?

Shh, I am eating...

Silent Restaurant
Silent Restaurant / TikTok

In the middle of a bustling city polluted by noise and crowds, there lies a haven for those that prefer the quieter side of life. 

A unique dining experience known as a Silent Restaurant is making waves on social media. This place offers a one-of-a-kind experience to its customers as it allows them to consume their meal in silence. 

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Might this be the frontier of the future of restaurants? Take a look at the viral video below captured in Japan:

@aleksandrahoeye perfect for the days you don’t really wanna interact with anyone #japan #ramen #backpacking ♬ glue song - ・❥・

@Aleksandrahoeye shares her take on the culinary experience. 

As seen in the video above, each guest is escorted to an intimate table for one. A small window serves as the only point of contact with other people, where a courteous waiter delivers meticulously-prepared dishes with graceful precision.

What sets the “Silence Restaurant” apart is its strict adherence to silence. Conversation is replaced by simple signs, allowing diners to communicate their needs with minimal disruption to the peaceful ambiance. 

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The tranquil atmosphere allows for contemplation and is a haven for those who are introverted or even some people who had a tough day at work and would just prefer some alone time. 

While this restaurant may be a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of life, it is still a long way away from ever hitting the shores of South Africa. 

The effects of COVID-19 and social distancing has created a gap in the market for this type of dining. Regardless of the current state of affairs, one thing is certain, there is a beauty and appeal to stillness. 

“Silence is the way the soul talks to itself" - Nitin Namdeo. 

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