SEE: These summer items are a must-have for your trips these holidays

SEE: These summer items are a must-have for your trips these holidays

A wearable sleeping bag, coolerbox, sunglasses, and more...

Summer must-have

Can you imagine being far away from home and having to struggle and be uncomfortable for most of the trip? Exactly! 

These items will definitely leave you and your family and friends a little calmer and ready to rock the summer! 

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We also asked Darren, Keri, and Sky which items they always have in their cars or on them in summer. 

Item 1: Wearable sleeping bag

sleeping bag

This is not your usual sleeping bag. It keeps you as warm as the ones we are used to but it's extra cool because you can stay warm while chilling in your camping chair with your arms free to hold your beer or cooked marshmallow.

There is no need for you to jump into your sleeping bag - you are wearing it! 

So, it is not a snowsuit, a ski suit, or a rain suit. It might look a little like those but it's just a modern take on the sleeping bag. 

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Darren's summer item: The dog's leashes

Dog on leash

Walks on the beach with your lovely furry friends are the best thing after weeks of not being able to be with them consistently. 

But imagine going to holiday destinations or even your nearest beach without a leash this summer...

It is so easy for them to roam about and follow other dogs or families at the beach during the holidays. 

If you have a dog(s) then to save yourself some heartache and for their safety, get a leash! 

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Keri's summer item: A floating lilo

Kids on lielow

This is one of those items you will definitely find perfect for heading to a pool party or a destination with a pool. 

All you have got to do is lie on the floating balloon as it floats you around the pool! 

Perfect if you want to tan or just feel the sun hit your body! 

Make sure to get yourself one of these for you and your kids. It's perfect for kids if they cannot swim.

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Sky's summer item: Coolerbox

Coolerbox summer

If you don't have this in the car then get ready for everyone in the car to be a little grumpier than usual. 

A coolerbox is an essential for all the refreshments on your way to the holiday destination. 

A warm fizzy drink is a no-no, a warm yogurt or even some ice-cream is a no-no!  

Your friends and family will definitely thank you for this when you bring it out.


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