Watch: John Legend thinks 'You Deserve It All' this holiday season

John Legend's 'You Deserve It All' video will get you into the holiday spirit.

John Legend
John Legend/ YouTube screenshot

With just a few weeks to go until Christmas, John Legend has released a song that will get you on your feet and prepare you for the festive season. 

The award-winning star has released a Christmas song titled, ''You Deserve It All'. 

In the song, the star talks about a lover who has given him "all the world with all your love". 

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He then sings about how the lover deserves it all - the pampering and the gifts. 

"You deserve it all. I’ll shower you with more than you’ll ever need . It’s all good with me . ‘Cause you deserve it all. You give of yourself so unselfishly . So I, I wanna give with all the finest things," sings John Legend. 

With Christmas being a time of spreading love and letting those close to us how much they mean to us, this is the perfect song for the festive season. 

The music video is shot in a big house that has gifts all over it. 

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Watch the music video below. 

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