SEE: New licence plate numbering system in KZN

SEE: New licence plate numbering system in KZN

These number plates will have you doing a double take! 

new number plates in KZN
new number plates in KZN/ KZN Department

Spotted! There is a new number plate system on the horizon for KwaZulu-Natal. Say goodbye to your beloved NUR, ND, NT, and more. 

Kicking off Ke December Boss, the mandatory new number plates will not depict towns and demarcations, but, instead, will end in ZN. 

The KZN Department of Transport says it is ready for the launch of the new licence plate numbering system for the province that will come into effect from December 1.

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Check out what to expect here: 

ECR NewsWatch shares: "The first phase of the new numbering system will cater to registration of new motor vehicles, reregistration of motor vehicles to new owners, stolen vehicles that are recovered and relicensed to owners’ name and government vehicles."

Biyela says they made the move after some towns ran out of numbers.

"The second phase will commence on the first of March 2024, catering for all vehicle owners to migrate from the current system to the new one throughout the 24-month implementation period. 

"Motorists will be given 21 months, starting from 1 March 2024, to voluntarily migrate to the new system. Thereafter it will be mandatory."   

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Image courtesy of KZN Department of Transport 

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