SEE: Inside the world’s first-ever meme museum

SEE: Inside the world’s first-ever meme museum

You can now see all the best memes in history in one venue.

Meme Museum

There was a time no one really knew how it was spelt. Some were ahead of the curve and got "meem", while some went for "mehmeh". Either way, we were all talking about the funny pictures describing a certain expression or experience we can relate to.

Well, in Hong Kong, they have an entire museum for these...

Hong Kong's social media and online publication, 9GAG, was the organisation that opened the world’s first meme museum at an art mall in Hong Kong, which runs until 5 September. 

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In the meme library, one can find the most iconic memes the internet has ever conceived. We hope they have some of our favourite memes by Darren; he has so many pictures with facial expressions which you could use to communicate how you feel. 

How's this one? 

Darren Maule

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Drake’s Hotline Bling is one of the most popular memes of our time, as well as the “distracted boyfriend” meme. You will find all of these in the meme museum as you walk around.

K11 Art Mall, the seven-storey mall, is aiming to “bring art back into everyday living” by featuring exhibits on its shopping premises.

“MEME is a kind of art, MEME MAKER is to hide folk artists ,” K11 Art Mall shared on Instagram when the caption is translated to English.

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Tourists and visitors can take a trip down the “time tunnel” to have a look at the history of memes using rows of television screens, including displays of Hong Kong-styled jokes as well as worldwide classics.

Here is an inside look at the museum. Lisa Tang posted the video to YouTube:

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We should take a trip all the way to Hong Kong just to ask for Darren Maule's picture to be featured, no? 


Main Image Courtesy: @k11artmall

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