SEE: 112-year-old Titanic menu finally revealed

SEE: 112-year-old Titanic menu finally revealed

A look inside the Titanic's food offering...

Titanic menu revived
Titanic menu revived / taste atlas canva compilation

The Titanic is a fascinating mystery in history. As we uncover more from this sunken ship, we came across an exclusive menu served onboard. 

With the Titanic being the talk of the world at present, a shocking 112 years later, we finally get to see what happened in the Titanic dining hall.

Despite the fact that there have been blockbuster movies and documentaries on the fatal shipwreck, no one has mentioned the food. These pics have gone viral on social media. 

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There were allegedly three different menus for the different classes on the ship. Taste Atlas (the international food guide) has shared some raw pictures of what the first, second, and third class menu looked like.

The difference in class is clearly present in the kinds of food presented to the passengers. Have a look below: 

Titanic first and second class menu
Titanic first and second class menu / Taste Atlas

The most fascinating of all is the reveal of what the last meal on the ship was. 

As per Taste Atlas’s social page, the night the Titanic sank the doomed second class passengers indulged in some Plum Pudding - also known as Christmas pudding. How bizarre! 

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Image courtesy of Taste Atlas, canva compilation 


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