SA’s pool champion shows off his skills against Darren Maule

SA’s pool champion shows off his skills against Darren Maule

Kyle Akaloo, the current South African pool champion, showed Darren Maule how he became the best by taking him on with cue in hand.

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Shanice Pillay

Having adopted his skills from his dad, Kyle perfected his talent by playing regularly at his uncle's pub, which was opened in 2010. 

Kyle says that over the years, the sport has become more than just a recreational game for Durbanites, with many players coming together and creating leagues.

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Akaloo indicated that Nine Ball Pool is a fast-growing sport, having become massive in many countries around the world.

From a young age, Kyle was adamant on achieving his goal of being crowned the best pool player in South Africa. His first sense of recognition came in the Under-23 division, where he held the top spot, before moving on to the men’s first division, where he was handed the title of best in the sport.

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Meanwhile, Darren has reminisced about the days he used to play pool and stands firm on his claim to fame, having beaten Sky three times!

Ever wondered how pool players are able to be so precise with cue in hand? Kyle has shared his tips and techniques with us.

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