The inaugural left-hand Olympics: Darren is the champ!

The inaugural left-hand Olympics: Darren is the champ!

They came... and they conquered. The left-hand Olympics took place this morning live on air between Darren and Sky.

darren with the winning cup
Shanice Pillay

It was definitely a sight not to be missed. What may have been a challenge for one, was effortless for the other. The competition between both boys came about when they found out Keri struggled to open a bottle of almond milk because she is left-handed.

The boys thought it was easy to do things with their left hand... until they tried it for themselves. The horn sounded and the boys were off.

Part 1 of the challenge required them to use their left hand and Google 'Darren Maule', then write his name with their left hand, as well as cut out Elvis Presley using their left hand. With Miss Miller auditing, the boys had a tough task ahead.

We asked listeners who would win, and it was divided between both boys. But in part 1, Darren took the win.

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In the second part, the boys had to open a can using their left hand and peel a potato. The challenge was tough but the boys powered through. Darren was quick to finish, but Miss Miller audited the potato and it was not up to standard.

Sky finished his and handed it over to Keri, who examined it carefully - and it got him on the scoreboard. The boys then had to putt with their left hand, it did not look easy.

Sky hit his three shots far from the target, but confident that he could tie with Darren. But his dream of tying or even winning was shattered when Darren effortless hit his ball into the scoring line on his third try.

Well done, Darren! You are the left-hand champion!

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