Renew your vehicle licence now on... WhatsApp

Renew your vehicle licence now on... WhatsApp

Taking the pain out of renewing your vehicle licence.

Licence on WhatsApp
Licence on WhatsApp/ X screenshot and canva

Don't get into trouble with the law - renew your vehicle licence! 

You heard it here folks! In 2024, the process of renewing a vehicle licence is expected to be seamless and hassle-free. The availability of numerous digital methods for licence renewal, including a noteworthy new feature, has generated excitement among South Africans.

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Darren Maule, Sky Tshabalala, and Carmen Reddy are very conscious of the fact that a vehicle licence must always be up to date, but they are not fans of standing in long queues to get it done. 

"Imagine being in those huge traffic office lines that can get really intense, especially if you have forgotten a document! No thanks..." says Carmen.

Enter the revolutionary WhatsApp option. 

Disky is South Africa’s new WhatsApp licence renewal service. 

"Disky is an intuitive online chatbot seamlessly integrated with WhatsApp, accessible on mobile devices, web browsers, and desktop platforms."

The new online feature aims to eliminate the hassles associated with application processes. According to the Disky website, the four-step process provides a quick, user-friendly, and self-explanatory experience. 

Here's how it works:

1. Add Disky to your WhatsApp as a contact or scan the QR code

2. Reply "Hi" and wait for Disky to reply

3. Provide the required details about your vehicle

4. Make the payment, and your disc is on its ways 

Have you tried Disky? Let us know on [email protected] 
Instructor fed up with learner's poor driving skills
Instructor fed up with learner's poor driving skills/ canva

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