Rebel Wilson in hot water with animal activists

Rebel Wilson in hot water with animal activists

The actress' video, where she is seen using a wombat to exercise while at a zoo in Sydney, has angered animal lovers.

Rebel Wilson
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The World Animal Protection organisation is not pleased with Rebel Wilson after a playful video, where she uses a wombat as weights while she performs squats, went viral. 

The 'Pitch Perfect' star is on a weight loss journey and while she is known to be funny and quirky, this particular act was none of those things for animal activists who expressed their disappointment.

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"We are disappointed to see Rebel Wilson handling Australian wildlife with such disregard for their wellbeing," Simone Clarke, the organisation's executive director, told

"Wombats are not a photo prop or plaything, they are sentient beings, and experience distress when handled by humans, " Clarke continued.

The video in question was posted by the 40-year-old actress on her Instagram stories with the caption: "This wombat workout was supervised by trained professionals".

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Watch the video below:

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