Prof Tulio de Oliveira answers more COVID-19 related questions from listeners

Prof Tulio de Oliveira answers more COVID-19 related questions from listeners

Last week, Prof Tulio de Oliveira answered KZN's burning questions regarding the Coronavirus, and as a result of the overwhelming response, Darren, Keri and Sky decided to continue this caller topic this week.

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  • What are some of the measures a person with asthma should take to avoid contracting the Coronavirus?
  • If one person in the family tests positive, are the rest of the family members in the same house guaranteed to get infected?
  • Is it lawful for a retailer to reject cash payments because they are afraid to contract the virus?
Virus hunter, virologist and bioinformatician Prof. Tulio De Oliveira is back again with another Q&A session. A frequently asked question was about the risk of infection for pregnant persons - more especially because the usage of medication that is not prescribed by a doctor is prohibited. According to Prof Tulio, moms-to-be are no different from the rest of the public. The most important thing is maintaining a healthy diet, as well as controlling sugar and hypertension levels, and exercising caution.

With the cigarette ban still in place, one caller wanted to understand how many of the people who have been infected with COVID-19 had smoking as a huge contributor. 

The stats, according to Prof, reveal that around eight million deaths occur as a result of smoking each year. Therefore, smoking increases the comorbidities of infection, this according to a study in China.

For more of Prof Tulio's expert answers and KZN's questions, listen to the podcast below:

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