Pawfect! This skateboarding cat is breaking speeding records

Pawfect! This skateboarding cat is breaking speeding records

Bao Zi is not like other cats. He gets around on a skateboard and breaks records!

Cat riding a skateboard
Skateboarding cat Bao Zi/ YouTube (Guinness World Records)

A skateboard-loving cat in China has earned a spot in the Guinness World Record books. 

Bao Zi channelled his inner Max Verstappen when he recorded a skateboarding distance of 32 feet, 9.2 inches (10 metres) in 12.85 seconds. 

At just 1 year and 8 months old, the American shorthair cat is officially the fastest cat on four wheels! 

When Bao Zi's owner,  Li Jiangtao, took him home, breaking records was far from his mind. 

"We had mice running around the ceiling at night, so I got Bao Zi to scare them away," he told Guinness officials. 

Jiangtao is a pet trainer who usually works with dogs. He initially did not notice Bao Zi's amazing skateboarding skills.

"I've been training dogs for over a decade, and I started skateboarding with my own dog for fun. But Bao Zi showed a keen interest in skateboards, so I decided to nurture this behaviour," he said.

Jiangtao realised that the "confident and daring" cat loved weaving through crowds at the skatepark.

It took a year for Bao Zi to master his skateboarding skills.

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Bao Zi is not the first cat to roll into the record books with impressive skateboarding skills. 

In 2016, a rescue cat from Australia named Didga gave pro skateboarders a run for their money by performing the most tricks in one minute.

Didga completed a total of 20 tricks! 

Now that's pawfect! 


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Main image credit: YouTube/Guinness World Records

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