Would you buy this viral chocolate for R1,000?

Would you buy this viral chocolate for R1,000?

South African's share their take on this viral craze: 

Pistachio chocolate
Pistachio chocolate / canva

This decadent chocolate from Dubai has been making waves all over our social media. But the question on everyone's mind is...is it worth it?

In a world where trends can make even the simplest of items skyrocket in value, South Africans are currently faced with the latest sensation: a viral chocolate bar from Dubai!

Originating from 'Fix Dessert Chocolatier', this exclusive treat has captured the attention and wallets of many across the globe, including here in Mzansi. 

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Similar to the Prime hydration drink craze that swept the nation not too long ago, where prices soared to astronomical figures only to plummet soon after, this chocolate bar has quickly become the new must-have item. 

From pistachio paste to toasted kunafa puff pastry, these choccies have our attention for costing up to R1 000. 

Take a look at how this online user is taking matters into her own hands by making her own chocolate bar: 

@recipesbynaj The viral dubai chocolate #viralchocolate #Dubaichocolate #pistachio #fixchocolate #chocolate #kunafa #viral #dubai ♬ original sound - recipesbynaj

Social media platforms like TikTok have been inundated with videos sharing the delight of cracking open these chocolates to reveal its unique fillings. 

However, as history often repeats itself with such trends, questions arise: Is it really worth it? Will the price of this chocolate bar have the same fate as the once-coveted hydration drinks? 

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East Coast Breakfast have turned to chocolate experts, the Chilli Chocolate Chefs to create a homemade version of this elusive chocolate bar. 

Stay tuned for the reveal. 

@funfoodrecipeworld Finally!! All the way from Dubai 🇦🇪 To South Africa 🇿🇦 finally got to taste this viral dubai knafeh Chocolate definitely worth the hype. Can’t get knafeh of it 😮‍💨 . Suhayb review 10/10 Rashida Review 8/10 My Review 9/10 . . #fix #fixchocolate #fixdessertchocolatier #fixknafeh #knafeh #viralchocolate #fixdubai #whatyourfix #dubaiviralchocolate #dubaiview #dubailoving #dubaichocolate #knafehchocolate #cantgetknafehofit #pistachiochocolate #pistachioknafe #viraldubaichocolate #dubai #dxb #chocolate #food #foodstagram #artist #art #uae #uaelife #dessert #whatsyourfix #foodie #fixdessertchocolatier ♬ original sound - Funfoodrecipeworld

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