Mr D driver video: "Can someone please tell us what's going on?"

Mr D driver video: "Can someone please tell us what's going on?"

A delivery driver from Pietermaritzburg has been removed from his job with immediate effect after being caught on camera exposing a bit too much to a customer. 

Mr D Food
Screenshot/ Twitter
The video gained national attention after it spread like wildfire on social media yesterday.

Mr D Foods released a statement following the incident, claiming to have removed the employee from his position with immediate effect.

The company's head, Devin Sinclair, revealed that they do not condone the behaviour of their employee and have been in contact with the affected family since catching wind of the situation. They've also expressed their sincerest apologies and say they will cooperate with authorities should the family wish to take the matter further. 

The Breakfast Team were stunned by the video, and could not believe what would possess someone to behave in this manner.

KZN - we would like to hear from you if you know the delivery guy, if you're one of the girls in the video, or if you've had something similar happen to you.

You’re welcome to remain anonymous and we won’t put you on air if you don’t want to be. Drop us an email on [email protected] or a WhatsApp on 061 792 9495.

Let's get to the bottom of this!

Main Image Courtesy of @NguLethu

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