Miss Deaf South Africa finalist drops by Keri's Couch

Miss Deaf South Africa finalist drops by on Keri's Couch

"There is a level of incredible when you meet Simoné Ebersohn - she is really something special," said Keri.

keri and simone ebersohn

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Simoné Ebersohn is a finalist for this year’s Miss Deaf South Africa pageant. The Port Elizabeth-born beauty is now living in Durban, and she is an absolute breath of fresh air.

So how did I interview Simoné? She is deaf after all. Well, Simoné had a procedure which helps her to hear slightly. The words come through, and there is a delay before her brain gets the message. She then has to unscramble the words to make sense of them (translate them from English to Afrikaans – find her answer and translate back to English). It was something remarkable to watch.

As I chatted to this vivacious young woman, I was also reminded of how much everyone is going through in their own right, and that everyone deserves a time to shine. Also, something she said really hit home.

"Just because I can’t hear, doesn’t mean I’m stupid," she said.

Thank you, Simoné, for this, and I really hope next time we meet, you will have the Miss Deaf SA crown.

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 To vote for Simoné, SMS 'MDS06' to 47439 (SMS's cost R3).

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