Keri's Couch: Meet the real Jane-Linley Thomas

Keri's Couch: Meet the real Jane-Linley Thomas

"I have seen Jane Linley-Thomas in the building many times, but today was different. A radio presenter, a wife, a mom of three, a daughter, a friend and a real woman. Jane allowed herself to really open up and the result is raw and very real," says Keri Miller. 

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Supplied, Jane Linley-Thomas

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We chatted about her family, her schooling, her issues with her body image, fitting in, being a mom and trying to find time for herself.

And more importantly, we spoke about her KindnessCan initiative and the unfortunate reasons why we even need such a movement. It’s a programme for schools, moms and corporates that has the potential to actually, genuinely 'Change Lives'.

If you’ve ever had a ‘not so good’ day, if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and felt sad, angry or disappointed in what you saw, if you’ve ever had any negative thoughts about yourself or your life, then this is the interview you want to listen to.

 You might have known Jane Linley-Thomas for 16 years on East Coast Radio, but today, you get to know the real Jane Linley-Thomas.


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