Meet the nine-year-old who has just become one of the world’s biggest DJs

Meet the nine-year-old who has just become one of the world’s biggest DJs

Michelle Rasul has taken her passion for DJing to new heights as she competes in this year’s global championship at just nine years of age.

Michelle Rasul

While most kids her age are still listening to ‘Baby Shark’ or binging Disney movies, Michelle Rasul has been working hard on becoming the best DJ she can be – and the hard work has certainly paid off as she cements herself as one of the biggest DJs on the planet

According to AP News, the young girl from Azerbaijan started spinning turntables not long after she learnt to read and write. “I looked at my dad while he was practising DJ-ing and I saw him and was like, ‘Wow, is he doing magic or something? He’s a real magician, bro!’” Michelle says. “When I turned five, I told him on my birthday: ‘Dad, I want to be a world-famous DJ. I’m going to start practicing’.”

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Michelle recently took part in the DMC World DJ Championship in the 'Portablist' category, the global portable scratch competition where she placed 14th out of 85. This year’s ceremony took place online in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

While Michelle didn’t progress to the next round of the competition this year, she has big plans for 2022, where she is determined to beat her father, Vagif 'DJ Shock' Rasulov, in the competition. This year, her father placed ninth in the championship.

“I love competing in battles. I just love DJing,” she said. “It’s my passion.”

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Michelle’s love for music was fuelled by her parents. While inspired by her father’s love of DJing, Michelle’s mom Saida Rasulova is a former violinist, so music was a constant in the household.

Michelle admits that hip-hop is her favourite genre and loves throwing in tracks from rap legends like Tupac Shakur, Chuck D, Jay-Z, and the Notorious B.I.G. into her sets. However, she admits that Michael Jackson remains her favourite artist.

As a student in grade three, Michelle admits that, besides music, she loves skateboarding, reading and hanging out with friends and dogs at her local park. “I can’t imagine my life without music,” Michelle continues. “Like from the start, from the very beginning, when I was really little.”

Now, she’s preparing for next year’s competition as she remains committed to becoming the greatest DJ in her age group.

Image courtesy: Instagram

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