Meet Mark Bryan: The 61-year-old who slays in a pencil skirt and stilettos

Meet Mark Bryan: The 61-year-old who slays in a pencil skirt and stilettos

The man is here to make a statement about gender norms and the importance of challenging them.

Mark Bryan

Mark Bryan is an American robotics engineer based in Germany who is taking the fashion world by storm. He dons 38cm heels and bold pencil skirts as he embarks on a mission to find out what it feels like to walk in women’s shoes – quite literally.

The man is gripping social media with his dramatic photoshoots and important message. 

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Mark admits that his interest was piqued about 40 years ago when he was dating a woman who also happened to be 1.8m tall. It was then when he fell in love with stilettos, but it was only five years ago when he decided to wear the shoes and pencil skirts to work.

Naturally, this decision meant that Mark got a lot of stares on his walk to work, but he admits that he never paid much attention to them and that they didn’t have an impact on him or his masculinity.

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“People look at my pictures, and they instantly assume I’m gay or something. I think what gets me going are the people who say that I’m helping them see things the way they’ve always wanted to see them, but were afraid to,” Mark says to Interview Magazine. “As a football coach, I like helping young men develop not just as players, but as responsible members of society. Being able to help people through the problems they have helps me more than just the compliments that I’m looking good.” 

Bryan’s love for fashion and stepping outside of the box has attracted famous designers such as Marc Jacobs and he is now a fashion model. In his bid to do good, Bryan donates some of the proceeds to schoolchildren in Pakistan, while being vocal about the gender stereotypes the world has placed on itself and the importance of challenging these in the form of expression and allowing people to live their truth.

Here are some of his best looks:

Image courtesy: Instagram

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