Beautician highlights disgusting effects of not cleaning your eyelash extensions

Beautician highlights disgusting effects of not cleaning your eyelash extensions

In a shocking video, a beautician reveals just how dirty eyelash extensions can get if not cleaned properly.


Eyelash extensions is a trend taking the beauty world by storm. As the name suggests, women around the world are getting real extensions onto their real eyelashes to give the hairs a longer, fuller look. But, many are treating their extensions like false eyelashes – and a beautician has taken to social media app TikTok to share the consequences not cleaning the extensions after every use can have.

In a shocking video, Ipek Ozcan of @ipsbeauty shares some incredibly glamorous before and after shots of clients getting eyelash extensions and it’s helped the account become incredibly popular with beauty fanatics. However, it’s her video titled, 'What happens when you don't clean your eyelash extensions', that has everyone talking! 

In the shocking video, Ipek can be seen removing the crusty, yellow build-up of make-up, oil, and dirt from her client's lashes.

In the video, Ipek is gently seen taking off the build-up with a pair of tweezers. "Uh I feel sick," she says adding that the process is "kind of satisfying in a gross way." 

The beautician explains that this build-up is natural for anyone with eyelash extensions and that avoiding it is as simple as cleaning them thoroughly once a day.

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The video has certainly shocked viewers, with some lash technicians saying it's the "worst build-up" they've ever seen.

"This is literally the worst build-up I've seen and I've been doing lashes 10 years,” one user commented. "I would never put lashes on that person again."

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Others, however, have called on Ipek to show them the best way to clean eyelash extensions and she is considering covering this in a future video.

Do you have a fool-proof way of cleaning your eyelash extensions? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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