Is 'me-time' just a trend or is it actually important?

Is 'me-time' just a trend or is it actually important?

Keri Miller and The Harvest Table want to take you on a journey. The end destination? A healthier, happier life!

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Self-care, mindfulness, sacred spaces, and feeling your feelings.

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In the last few years, taking care of yourself has become one of the hottest trends.

Taking time for yourself, making sure to check in on yourself and your mental, physical, and emotional health has become a top priority.

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Every website, publication, and even business has jumped on the self-care bandwagon.

You can find lists and lists of products, tips, tricks, and advice that will help you have the best possible me-sesh.

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But has it just become a fad? Is self-care being obsessively promoted because it has become a lucrative industry?

Today on #HealthIsWealth, Keri and The Harvest Table discuss the importance of me-time and if it really is important or just another trend waiting to blow over:

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