Louis Vuitton’s new aeroplane bag costs more than actual plane

Louis Vuitton’s new aeroplane bag costs more than an actual plane

The bag is the brand’s latest item to fly off the shelves.

Louis Vuitton plane shaped bag

Premium fashion brand Louis Vuitton is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to some of their items. But a bag in the shape of a plane is making waves because there are real planes with a cheaper price tag on the market!

The bag is part of the brand's Fall/Winter 2021 collection and will set buyers back over R560,000!

While some are raving about the new item, some find that a bag in the shape of an aeroplane is a pretty ridiculous fashion item, but one user on Twitter reveals that you can buy a real plane for R100,000 less, as a 1968 Cessna single engine aircraft is available for purchase in the United States for around R464,000.

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Another fan added that, if you search hard enough, you can even find the aircraft from anywhere between R350,000 and up. "Saw some in the $20,000-$30,000 range too. Soo much better than a purse!!" the user commented. Another added: "And have enough money left over for a new LV. Paint job."

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A third added: "LV use to be a class act. They have allowed VA to turn the company into a commercial fool's paradise. Thank God there is Hermes the only true luxury brand to respect and admire," while a fourth said, "Yes. But its a SMALL plane! $39k? For a purse? For that ugly thing? A rare time when obscene works."


According to reports, the bag is targeted at men and was designed by Virgil Abloh. The bag dons the brand's signature brown pattern and is designed with wings, engines, a tail, and a nose.

Virgil Abloh was also the designer who created a bag shaped as a carrot made from orange leather and again featured the LV pattern with a green fabric sprouting from the top.

Image courtesy: Louis Vuitton

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